Intella X launches $10M gaming initiative grant program for Web3

Intella X launches $10M gaming accelerator grant program to supercharge Web3 gaming ecosystem.

Singapore-based Intella X, in partnership with South Korean gaming giant NEOWIZ, unveils their Gaming Initiative Grant Program, a $10 Million grant designed to support Web2 and Web3 game developers in crafting cutting-edge, high-quality games for the Intella X Web3 game platform.

The grant program aims to inspire innovation, empower game developers, and promote the adoption of blockchain technology within the gaming industry. Intella X and NEOWIZ are committed to expanding their Web3 gaming ecosystem by onboarding talented new game developers by offering financial support and resources

.“At Intella X, we understand that game developers fuel the Web3 gaming revolution. Our $10M gaming initiative grant program is designed to spark their creativity and equip them with crucial resources and support to create groundbreaking gaming experiences,” said Jose Ko, CEO of Intella X. “By backing these developers, we’re not just nurturing a thriving gaming ecosystem, but actively shaping the future of Web3 gaming.”

Applicants can apply for the program through Intella X’s homepage, where they will undergo a thorough review, including an interview and due diligence by the Intella X Grant Committee. The committee will evaluate eligible projects using a holistic approach, considering factors such as potential impact, innovation, feasibility, sustainability, and alignment with Intella X’s objectives.

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