Laton Ventures sets off to invest in early-stage game companies

Görkem Türk, the Founding Partner at Laton Ventures, has recently announced that Laton Ventures, a venture capital firm with a specific focus on investing in early-stage companies within the game industry, has been established.

Laton Ventures boasts support from notable figures in the game industry, described as highflyers and successful veterans. The firm outlines a straightforward strategy centered around identifying promising potential and utilizing its extensive network, know-how, and experience to ensure success alongside its associates.

Türk mentions that this is a career move decided upon 6.5 years at Google, and he attributes this decision to create Laton Ventures to the knowledge and experiences gained during his tenure there. Expressing gratitude to Google for the valuable experiences and friendships, Türk notes the profound impact of Google’s culture on their journey. The culture is expected to continue influencing Türk’s endeavors with Laton Ventures, marking the conclusion of a chapter at Google.

The announcement expresses eagerness to connect with entrepreneurs, innovators, and fellow venture capitalists who share a passion for the game industry. Emphasizing the anticipation of tackling significant challenges, the announcement looks ahead to the future endeavors of Laton Ventures and its associated group.

Laton Ventures is a venture capital firm empowered by a network of successful game industry veterans. The firm primarily invests in early-stage game companies and aims to enhance its portfolio companies with comprehensive support.

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