Let’s revisit Mobidictum Conference 2023!

After two eventful days and a well-deserved rest, let’s dive into the highlights and moments that made this year’s conference memorable.

Mobidictum’s annual tradition of connecting the game industry’s best minds continued as we wrapped up another successful event, the Mobidictum Conference 2023.

Global Attendance, Local Charm

With the bustling atmosphere of Istanbul as our backdrop, the Mobidictum Conference 2023 proved to be a truly global event. We were thrilled to welcome almost 2,000 delegates from a staggering 62 countries.

Networking and Business Opportunities Galore

Beyond the panels and presentations, business was thriving in the background. More than 2100 meetings unfolded across 63 dedicated meeting tables. These meetings weren’t just mere introductions; they were a fertile ground for new deals, collaborations, and forging business relationships that will shape the game industry’s future.

Engaging Content

Our attendees had many choices, with 31 panels and 30 solo sessions to attend. The diversity in content ranged from deep dives into gaming mechanics to broader industry trends. Notably, venues like Balat and Hasköy witnessed packed sessions, indicating the resonance of the topics with our audience.

The spotlight wasn’t only on games. Our 78 sponsors showcased their latest products, innovations, and solutions, offering attendees more insight into what powers the industry behind the scenes. The immersive experience was enriched by a delightful dinner on the picturesque Bosphorus, a fun-filled networking party, and countless informal gatherings that allowed attendees to mingle and share insights.

Heartfelt Gratitude

Seeing the satisfied faces of our attendees, absorbing the positive energy in the rooms, and receiving encouraging feedback, we are reminded of why we do this. Your participation and enthusiasm made all the planning, hard work, and occasional sleepless nights worthwhile.

Closing Thoughts

The Mobidictum Conference 2023 was not just an event but a testament to the gaming community’s resilience, adaptability, and passion. A heartfelt thank you to all our attendees, sponsors, speakers, and team members! We hope the connections made, knowledge gained, and memories forged will continue to inspire you.

Until we gather again, keep gaming, innovating, and pushing boundaries!

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