Microsoft and Unity join forces to empower video game developers globally

Unity selects Microsoft Azure as its cloud partner to enable creators to reach their audiences on Xbox and PC.
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Unity picked Microsoft’s cloud computing service Azure as its partner to give the video game developers the opportunity to reach players across PC (Windows) and Xbox devices. The two gaming giants released a joint announcement stating that “This partnership Will offer creators an opportunity to produce real-time 3D (RT3D) assets, both for games and non-gaming worlds, by recreating real-world places and objects.”

Unity chose Azure, mainly because Azure already supports some of the world’s largest games and its goal is similar to Unity in this area; to bring innovative learnings to power RT3D experiences for all industries.

In addition to gaming, the partnership will develop experiences in industries such as manufacturing, e-commerce, and healthcare, however, the main goal is to make everything easier for Unity game creators worldwide to bring their products to the PC and Xbox markets.

Microsoft CVP of Game Creator Experiences and Ecosystem Sarah Bond said the following about the partnership:

“The magic of 3D interactive experiences born in games is quickly moving to non-gaming worlds. Unity is building a platform-agnostic, cloud-native solution that meets the wide-ranging needs of all developers from enterprise through citizen creators.

“By giving creators easy access to RT3D simulation tools and the ability to create digital twins of real-world places and objects, Unity is offering creators an easy path to production of RT3D assets, whether for games or non-gaming worlds.

“Azure is that solution. Built for security and global scalability, Azure already supports some of the world’s largest games and is bringing those battle-tested learnings to power RT3D experiences for all industries…”

Read Sarah’s full quotes here.

Senior Vice President & General Manager, Unity Create Solutions Marc Whitten also released a statement.

“We see many areas where we can partner with Microsoft Azure to build more cloud capabilities for you across our ecosystem of tools and services. We will use these capabilities to improve workflows, deliver new functionality, provide additional reliability and more global access options, and more.

“We believe that this cloud enablement will make it easy for creators around the world to collaborate seamlessly. It will also allow experiences that wouldn’t be possible if limited to just the local resources of either a creator’s machine or a user’s platform. There are already many cloud powered tools and services here at Unity. From Unity Game Services, Parsec, DevOps, Wētā Digital, Digital Twins and more.

“For maximum reach and to enable greater success of your games, we will also be further supporting differentiating features across the Microsoft gaming ecosystem including Xbox console, PC as well as the Microsoft Store.”

Read the full statement here.

Unity continues to make major partnerships, but the video game giant recently laid off 4% of staff in order to “realign its resources”.

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