miHoYo has released the new game, Zenless Zone Zero

Zenless Zone Zero, the latest action-RPG by miHoYo, released on PC, PlayStation 5, and mobile. Set in a retro cyberpunk world, this linear, action-packed game has garnered over 5.8 million downloads and $3.99 million in revenue on its debut day. Explore daily challenges and unlock new characters in this thrilling gacha game. Download now and use promo codes for exclusive in-game rewards!
miHoYo has released the new game, Zenless Zone Zero

On July 4, a new game by miHoYo studio – action-RPG Zenless Zone Zero – was released on PC, PlayStation 5, and mobile devices. We turned to the data of the analytical service AppMagic and looked at how the mobile version of the project performed at the start. Zenless Zone Zero is behind Honkai: Star Rail and Genshin Impact in mobile revenue for the first day.

The game is set shortly, in a retro cyberpunk setting. The mercenary protagonist explores the vast open world and extracts valuable resources by completing tasks and fighting enemies.

Unlike Genshin, the new project is not based on open-world exploration. The plot is linear, and the emphasis is primarily on action battles in the spirit of Devil May Cry. Like other games in the gacha genre, interest in Zenless Zone Zero is maintained by daily challenges and knocking out banners with weapons, power-ups, and new characters.

Zenless Zone Zero in numbers

According to AppMagic, Zenless Zone Zero has over 5.8 million downloads. Before release, the game had over 47.5 million pre-registrations across all platforms. Since its release, Zenless Zone Zero has earned $3.99 million on mobile devices. This is IAP revenue after miHoYo has paid mobile store commissions and taxes. By comparison:

  • Genshin Impact’s mobile revenue was $4.6 million on its debut day
  • Honkai: Star Rail’s was $8.3 million
Zenless Zone Zero official release teaser

The novelty had the most monetary markets in China ($2.3 million), Japan ($789.2 thousand), and the United States ($440.4 thousand).

Zenless Zone Zero was most actively downloaded by residents of the United States (879.2 thousand downloads), China (771.6 thousand downloads), and Indonesia (392.7 thousand downloads).

Insider hxg_diluc reported that a Chinese gamer bought an account for ¥880,000 (~$5500). No, it’s not about filling the account with something rare and cool, as you might think, but it’s a beautiful ID—100,000 000.

Zenless Zone Zero promo codes

Here are the first Zenless Zone Zero promo codes. One is already familiar to you, as it was published before the product’s release on a recent stream. The other two are quite fresh.

  • ZZZFREE100 – the code gives 300 polychromes and materials
  • ZENLESSLAUNCH – 60 polychromes and materials
  • ZENLESSGIFT – 50 polychromes and materials

You can activate promo codes in the game menu by selecting the “Promo Code” tab.

The game is distributed on a free-to-play model – everyone can access the action.

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