MiHoYo announces new HoYoverse brand

MiHoYo went through a series of name and brand changes for the international market outside of China.
MiHoYo will continue its international activities with a new brand.

MiHoYo, the producer of Genshin Impact, one of the most revenue-generating games of recent times, announced the HoYoverse brand with a radical decision. Launched as a “cross-media” brand, HoYoverse is actually a kind of name change.

The company will now use the name HoYoverse instead of MiHoYo in countries outside of China. Along with the HoYoverse brand, MiHoYo also announced that it would create new and powerful experiences. The English versions of Honkai Impact 3rd, Tears of Themis, and Genshin Impact have been moved to the HoYoverse domain, and their URLs and logos have been updated.

HoYoverse Co-Founder and CEO Haoyu Cai spoke about HoYoverse:

“Our mission in establishing HoYoverse is to create a vast and content-driven virtual world that integrates games, anime, and other diverse types of entertainment, which will provide players with a high level of freedom and immersion. We will continue to focus on long-term operation strategies, consistent technical research, and innovation in a variety of fields, including artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and pipeline construction, to ensure that sufficient content is created to meet the expectations of players worldwide.”

There is a remarkable element in the name change of MiHoYo. The “verse” part in the HoYoverse brand caused the company’s fans to ask some questions. Here, the ” verse ” may refer to an international platform where MiHoYo collects its own games. On the other hand, some think that the concept of “metaverse,” which we frequently encounter today, has a meaning.

We see some of the big companies trying to adapt quickly to blockchain and play-to-earn gaming systems. MiHoYo does not yet have an official plan announced on this issue. Although the “verse” here seems to be a gathering platform for MiHoYo games, it would not be surprising if it was prepared as a project related to the metaverse.

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