Mobidictum Business Network brought the gaming industry together

Mobidictum Business Network has ended with success.
Mobidictum Business Network tamamlandı.

Mobidictum Business Network event has ended with a result of 1027 people’s participation. The event took place on May 8-9 and brought together people that mainly work in the gaming industry and people who wish to enter this industry. Mobidictum Business Network presented 32 sessions from experts in two days and gave Turkish mobile game studios a chance to open to the world.

Mobidictum Business Network has ended with success.

Mobidictum aimed to bring together leading game companies and Turkish game developers. In this series of events, we brought expert speakers and various companies together that can grow their businesses to expand the vision of the studios.

Sessions in Mobidictum Business Network

There were 33 speakers in 32 sessions in total that talked about very valuable topics about the mobile game industry. Topics were mainly about growth, monetization, investment, latest trends, and marketing strategies. Here’s the list of session topics in Mobidictum Business Network:

  • Digital and traditional marketing strategies for mobile games
  • Publisher interests: Getting ready to work with a publisher.
  • Investor talks: What does an investor want from studios?
  • Casual titles: Experience sharing from successful studios.
  • Monetization rules: Various new monetization models.
  • Growth: How to scale up your game even more?
  • Latest trends in hyper-casual games and ways to achieve success in this field

Results from Mobidictum Business Network

  • More than 1027 people participated in Mobidictum Business Network,
  • Participants were from 52 countries,
  • There 32 sessions in two days as an online event,
  • Mobidictum Business Network hosted 33 speakers from leading companies in the mobile gaming industry,
  • Participants organized 220 meetings with each other,
  • Personal Booths were viewed more than 2744 times in total,
  • Participants visited the Virtual Expo zone to check out attendee companies more than 590 times,
  • 115 questions from participants were answered by the speakers during the sessions.

The founder of Mobidictum, Batuhan Avucan’s statement

The organizer of the event, the Founder and Managing Director of Mobidictum, Batuhan Avucan made the following statements after the event:

“We will always take the Turkish game industry one step further. We have proudly completed the Mobidictum Business Network online mobile game conference, which is one of the biggest steps we have taken on this path. In the event where speakers of the leading companies of the sector took part; Turkish game companies gained valuable information, updated about the latest trends and established new collaborations. The fact that there is so much demand for an event in as little as a month shows how much the sector needs it. Emphasizing that collective success is important to all of us, we aimed to bring Turkish games to the industry. We hope everyone who participated benefited from it in the best way possible.”


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