Mobidictum Interviews: Ksenia Yurkina / Apptica

Mobidictum Interviews continues with the second episode. This time our guest is Ksenia Yurkina, Head of Marketing of Apptica.
Mobidictum Interviews, Ksenia Yurkina of Apptica

Apptica, which sheds light on advertising and market analysis of mobile apps, stands out as one of the industry’s most influential and comprehensive data providers. We talked to Ksenia Yurkina, Head of Marketing of Apptica, about Apptica’s benefits for mobile app developers, publishers, and advertisers, its differentiating points from competitors and target audiences.

Let us introduce you and, of course, Apptica to our followers.

Hey everyone, I am Ksenia, Head of Marketing at Apptica – a mobile ad intelligence and market analytics tool that provides accurate data on mobile apps.

What is Apptica’s story? What need did you emerge to fulfill in the mobile ad analytics space?

The company was born in 2017 as an ad analytics platform. Initially, the mission of the service was to provide a fully-fledged overview of the mobile advertising market: data on networks, DSPs, creatives’ trends, popular ad formats in different verticals and countries, competitors’ strategies for UA, and monetization. After a while, the product has developed into a complex service with more sections and features, namely Store Intelligence (access to store profile, downloads & revenue, SDKs installed or removed, top apps and publishers, app comparing) and Market Intelligence (access to the state of the market, current trends and benchmarks for various geos and categories).

Our goal is not only about the profit. We believe that such a product triggers the development of the market. Publishers, investors, and digital agencies can analyze the market and make data-driven decisions to achieve their goals.

How do you collect and process the data Apptica provides? From which sources and countries do you source data?

Our algorithms collect data from over 10 million apps and 3.6 million App Store and Google Play publishers in 37 countries and 29 large ad networks.

This extensive data is integrated into numerous features in an easy-to-understand dashboard with many customization options.

What are Apptica’s differentiating points from its competitors? What advantages do you have in mobile ad analytics?

There are a solid number of analytical services for mobile applications; the competition is indeed tough.

However, Apptica stands apart as a strong ad intelligence platform. During the 1st half of 2023, we caught around 15.8 million creatives, which is 50% more than for the same period last year, and we keep developing our capacities with around 1 million creatives captured daily.

In total, our creative gallery embraces more than 54.3 million creatives.

Moreover, we are doing our best to enhance the working experience with our platform: customized presets and a user-friendly interface allow for setting up the most convenient and productive interaction possible.

What can we say about Apptica’s target audience? In which sectors and markets do you operate?

There are four main camps of clients: publishers, game developers, venture companies, and digital/marketing agencies. Currently, Apptica is more demanded among the first two categories. However, investors and agencies can also exploit our data to enhance their work, i.e., detect promising startups or keep a pulse on thriving promotion campaigns. 

Can you explain with examples how Apptica’s data is helpful for mobile app developers, publishers, and advertisers?

Honestly, it’s hard to summarize all the cases in a brief way; therefore, let me put a few examples of what you can do in Apptica:

  • Monitor current, historical market trends and benchmarks within different geos, categories, and platforms. If a startup is looking for the right niche to develop an app or a publisher is looking for scaling vectors, it is a tool that might help analyze the state of the industry and find a window of opportunity.
  • Track every update of your competitors. Thanks to the News Feed feature, you can easily track all fresh updates of any app or publisher. Every new ad creative, version, screenshot, or feature will be caught.
  • Reveal your competitor’s strengths. E.g., you can analyze the traffic distribution in your competitor’s apps and see how effective their paid user acquisition strategy is.
  • Boost UA strategies via successful creatives. The creative gallery might be an inspiration source for designers (especially nowadays with creative fatigue and market saturation), and the ad intelligence section – a navigator for a media buying team (e.g., to check what share a competitor is covering in a specific network, via what DSP the auction is performed, in what apps the creatives are running). A client can study the successful cases in the industry and adjust their strategy accordingly to save both financial and time resources.

What are Apptica’s future plans? What innovations and developments do you aim to offer in mobile ad analytics?

Currently, our tech team is working on several projects that we are excited about:

  • deconstruction of the creatives that could break down a creative into several elements (e.g., CTA button, titles, colors, characters, etc). It will help to understand what parts perform better and polish the strategies.
  • introduction of new metrics DAU, MAU, retention
  • enlarging an array of networks, and much more 🔥

At the same time, our marketing team is engaged in various projects that might bring added value to the mobile market. Notably, we have launched an online learning platform Apptica Academy where we share the expertise of industry professionals. One course on video creatives in mobile games is ready to dive in, and three more are on the way (regarding UA and UGC creatives). We also plan to expand our podcast project Apptica Talks and invite more great experts onboard.

8- What do you think about Mobidictum Conference, and what are your expectations for this year’s conference?

We feel that Mobidictum Conference is the right place to be if you would like to strengthen your position and brand in the Turkish market, grow your business and, thirdly, find new partners for cooperation.

We expect to extend our networking base, find new clients (of course 💸), check the market state, exchange knowledge with industry peers, and have a lot of fun!

Thank you for this lovely interview. 😊

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