Mobidictum Interviews – Wilfrid Obeng / Audiomob

Mobidictum Conference 2023 is over, but our interviews are in full swing. Our guest on these pages is Wilfrid Obeng, Co-Founder & CTO of Audiomob.
Wilfrid Obeng of Audiomob

Audiomob is a platform for audio ads in mobile games, and audio ads are an essential instrument for game developers to monetize their games without interrupting the player experience. We talked to Wilfrid Obeng, co-founder and CTO of Audiomob, about Audiomob’s success story, the future of audio advertising, trends in the game industry, and entrepreneurial advice.

Could you tell us about Audiomob and what services it offers?

Audiomob is a way for mobile game developers to earn incremental value from their games and for advertisers to have better engagement with their target audience. We provide developers with our patented technology that allows them to insert audio ads into their mobile games seamlessly.

Our philosophy behind this is that audio ads can create an environment where players have more control over how they use in-game ads and that the ads don’t intrude on their gameplay experience. We’re one of few ad tech partners prioritizing this player and consent-focused approach to advertising.

Could you tell us about your position in the company?

As the Co-Founder and CTO of Audiomob, it’s my job to define the technical vision of the company. This involves working closely with our talented engineering teams to steer our technical innovations and oversee our patents and in-house research.

The core aspect of my role is to showcase the power of audio ads and to demonstrate how efficient they are. This is why it’s imperative that we continue to build Audiomob’s intellectual property, especially as digital audio advertising is still a relatively young industry.

My role also extends outside of Audiomob’s walls, where I frequently host and attend talks to share my insights and collaborate with our industry peers. I believe it’s important to use my platform to be a positive voice across the advertising industry.

Could you tell us more about how your platform allows brands to connect with audiences in-game without interrupting gameplay?

Audio ads are less intrusive than video ads. You’ve likely played a mobile game before where a video ad pops up, suspending the gameplay. By using only audio, our platform still delivers ads to players but without pausing gameplay and interrupting their experience. As for connecting the brands, we use small on-screen banners that are positioned outside of the main gameplay area. As the ad plays, the user can press the banner to engage with the ad.

Audiomob’s plugin and SDKs provide access to 3 billion mobile gamers worldwide. How does your technology ensure that audio ads are placed strategically and resonate with different player demographics and preferences?

Regardless of whether you’re using our Unity plugin or our native SDK,To make sure the right ads are reaching the right games, we measure the performance of ads, including intent signals; such as the length of time in which the player listened to the audio or if the player clicked the banner. We use this data to find the most hyper-engaged users that match the advertiser’s target audience.

Your platform offers both rewarded and skippable ads. How do you strike a balance between delivering engaging content to players and providing options for ad viewing flexibility?

Ultimately, we build around the games. This is why it’s so important for us to build strong relationships with the game developers we partner with. It’s important that the type of ad and the format of the ad match the game in question. The reward at the end of the ad could come in the form of a free hint or power-up to help the player through the level.

The game industry is continually evolving. How does Audiomob stay ahead of trends and ensure that your audio ad platform remains effective and relevant in this dynamic landscape?

As leaders, we’re always looking for new ways to innovate within the industry. For example, we created our patented audibility technology as a means to solve long-standing issues around audibility. We solved this by detecting the volume level of a user’s device and prompting them when the volume is too low. This guarantees that the ad is heard and can be accurately measured as an impression. We’re the only audio partner that can provide this technology, placing us ahead in the market.

Looking more towards the future, we’re investing heavily in research and development, and we plan to make more announcements around that in the future.

As a Gold Sponsor of the Mobidictum Conference 2023, what are Audiomob’s main objectives and expectations from participating in this event? E.g., encourage the representative to provide valuable insights into the company’s operations and vision for the game industry.

Being able to get on the ground floor with talented game developers and industry peers is always an exciting opportunity. We’re always eager to listen and learn from industry experts as well as to add our own unique perspective into the mix. This helps us expand our viewpoint of both the gaming and advertising industry.

Ultimately, we want to show the games industry how mobile games can be monetized through audio advertising, honestly. How audio ads can be used to foster a healthier ecosystem for game developers, advertisers, and gamers.

Thank you for this lovely interview.

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