Mobile Game Market Review May 2024

Mobile Game Market Review May 2024 by GameRefinery, a Liftoff Company: Discover May’s biggest mobile game launches, including Kuro Games’ Wuthering Waves and Supercell’s Squad Busters.
Mobile Game Market Review May 2024

May was a bustling month for the mobile gaming market, marked by a wave of blockbuster new titles that quickly ascended the download charts worldwide. One of the most notable launches was Kuro Games’ Wuthering Waves, which surged into the top 10 download ranks in the US and Japan. However, it didn’t manage to clinch the top spot, which was secured by Supercell’s highly anticipated Squad Busters. Meanwhile, in China, Dungeon Fighter Mobile — a compact adaptation of one of the highest-grossing online games ever—garnered significant attention.

Game Updates

It wasn’t just new releases that made headlines; several existing titles received noteworthy updates. AFK Journey and Last War: Survival both launched their inaugural seasons, with Last War: Survival’s “Crimson Plague” update driving a remarkable 400% increase in downloads. Free Fire introduced a new “Outlaw” mode, drawing inspiration from Roblox’s Jailbreak, pitting gangsters against agents in a novel battle royale experience.

Exciting Collaborations and Events

May also saw several exciting collaboration events. LEGO Fortnite celebrated Star Wars Day by launching an expansive new map area, complete with its first-ever battle pass. Clash of Clans teamed up with Norwegian football star Erling Haaland for a football-themed season, featuring new challenges, rewards, and unique gameplay additions.

Keep reading to learn more about the biggest updates, developments, and hottest new titles that were launched across the mobile market last month. 

May’s casual mobile game updates

Matchington Mansion introduced the “Picnic Potluck” event, a merge2 minigame similar to one seen in Homescapes. Players combine items to fulfill food orders and collect rewards, adding a fresh twist to the game’s mechanics. Triple Match 3D added a permanent win-streak system, rewarding players for consecutive level completions with a powerful “Meteor Strike” ability.

Merge Mansion launched the “Secret Supply” minigame, incorporating elements of chance and arcade-style gameplay. This event challenges players to merge items in a slot machine-like interface, offering a dynamic departure from the game’s usual puzzle-solving focus.

New Collection Events

Royal Match introduced a limited-time sticker collection event, echoing the success of Monopoly GO! Players collect cards from packs and chests, working to complete albums for rewards and a unique Royal Badge.

Notable New Titles

  • Solo Leveling: Arise, an action RPG based on a popular Korean web novel, debuted in the top 10 in the USA and Japan. The game features a unique leveling system and distinct combat modes.
  • Wuthering Waves made a significant impact with its Pokémon-style monster-collecting feature and deep combat mechanics, despite some initial player concerns about the leveling experience.
  • Supercell’s Squad Busters entered the global market with a squad-based PvEvP battle arena, quickly climbing the charts.
  • Dungeon Fighter Mobile, a collaboration between Tencent and Nexon, launched in China, capturing the top spots in both grossing and download ranks.

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