GameRefinery expands Live Events Tracker to offer cross-platform insights

GameRefinery has announced a significant expansion of its Live Events Tracker analytics service, now encompassing PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms, alongside its existing coverage of mobile games.

This expansion positions GameRefinery as a comprehensive multiplatform solution for developers and publishers seeking data-driven strategies to optimize live in-game events. By providing insights into player behavior across the gaming landscape, GameRefinery aims to assist studios in delivering optimal live event experiences across major platforms. 

The Live Events Tracker allows developers to analyze the impact of live events on revenue, download figures, and in-game purchases for popular games. Additionally, developers can compare and filter live events across different games, event types, and durations to discern trends and monetization strategies.

Brendan Fraher, General Manager at GameRefinery, commented:

“With user acquisition costs soaring, live events are the key to building a loyal player base and maximizing revenue. However, the lack of reliable, cross-platform data has made it incredibly difficult for studios to understand what truly drives event success. It’s like navigating without a map – lots of effort with uncertain results. 

GameRefinery empowers developers to make informed, data-driven decisions. Our Live Events Tracker reveals not only which mechanics resonate but also how they perform differently across all platforms. With this knowledge, studios can tailor events for maximum impact, transforming live ops into a powerful growth engine.”

Key aspects covered by the Live Events Tracker include event narratives, integration of intellectual property (IP), monetization mechanics such as battle passes and in-app purchases, gameplay mechanics, and the overall impact of live events on revenue and downloads. Supported by an in-house team of analysts, GameRefinery provides daily updates on live events, including detailed descriptions and screenshots, to help companies understand player preferences and trends across platforms.

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