Omeda Studios raises $20 million led by Haveli Investments

Omeda Studios will use the investment for the new MOBA game: Predecessor
Omeda will soon release the brand new MOBA game Predecessor.

London-based Omeda Studios has announced it has raised $20 million from a new funding round. The developer will use this investment for the third-person MOBA game it is working on.

The name of the game Omeda is working on is “Predecessor.” In the game, players will compete in teams of 5 on a three-laned map that we are familiar with from classic MOBA games. The company says it wants to reflect its point of view on Predecessor and that it is more valuable than money.

On the matter, Robbie Singh, Co-Founder and CEO of Omeda, said:

“Over the past year, we’ve been working together with our community to really define what a MOBA looks like in today’s day and age. Having a close relationship with our community has allowed us to iterate fast, and I think people are going to be extremely excited when they get their hands on the game in Early Access.”

“We decided to raise our Series A to accelerate development after the success from our earlier playtests; however, we weren’t just looking for money. What was most important to us was finding a partner who shared our vision for how we wanted to make games and believed in the power of community.”

Omeda wants to open Predecessor to early access in late 2022. The company seems to really listen to the voice of the community. There is already an audience of players eagerly awaiting the game.

Brian Sheth, Founder and CEO of Haveli, comments about Omeda:

“Robbie and his team have built an engaged community and game using a player-first approach that is incredibly exciting and holds the potential to rapidly become part of the pantheon of the great MOBAs. All of us at Haveli are looking forward to the great things to come from Robbie and Omeda.”

MOBA games have a structure that can always find players. Both the competitive aspect and continuous playability of such games are generally high. Of course, the players are the most important part of a game where competition is at the forefront. Omeda seems to have already satisfied the players by listening to the community.

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