oolo brings automated revenue monitoring platform to Turkish app market

Combining machine learning, industry-specific data relationship mapping, and codified operational know-how, oolo helps monetization teams get the most out of their time, data, and inventory.
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Now the Monetization and Growth teams will have much more.

oolo’s core technology might be anomaly detection, but make no mistake: its core business is monetization enablement. What sets the company apart is how its platform combines operational context, industry understanding, and precision detection to create flawless data command and business control.

For oolo, Monetization & Growth teams aren’t mere verticals — they are the motivation around which the technology was built. While other systems are designed to produce statistical observations interesting to data scientists, oolo is able to produce real business insights cued for easy follow up by any Growth Manager.

oolo automatically detects and traces data anomalies to their root causes — translating incidents into real-world problems and opportunities. When oolo finds something, it sends an alert to the relevant manager explaining what happened, what metrics are affected, what caused it, and how it impacts the bottom line. In this way, oolo is setting a new standard for analytics technology — moving from aggregation & visualization to real, meaningful data interpretation.

Over the last 12 months, oolo has piloted its breakthrough technology in select locales, winning the trust of industry heavyweights like Voodoo and Supersonic.

“As publisher monetization becomes more complex, the need for smart automation and optimization solutions will only grow,” says Eren Demir Alpasal, Director of Growth at Coda. “The combination of oolo’s AI and domain expertise puts the company in the perfect position to answer this need.”

Now, the company has its eyes on expansion and is placing a strategic priority on Turkey.
According to oolo’s VP of Commercial, Marc Bearman, “Turkey’s role as an app powerhouse — both in terms of development and adoption — makes it a key proving ground for innovative technologies.”

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oolo can generate real insights that can be easily followed.

Long a top-ten country in terms of app downloads, Turkey is a rapidly ascending global power in the publishing world. Compared to the global market, Turkish developers are more than twice as concentrated in games. With this market growth comes increased competition and operational complexity — especially as app portfolios continue to grow.

According to Bearman, the company’s strategic investment in Turkey is also intended to leverage the country’s position as a bridge between Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. In this sense, this step represents an opening move in the company’s wider expansion play.

You can learn more about oolo by visiting their website or scheduling a meeting with one of their representatives at the coming Mobidictum Business Conference.

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