Per Ultra’s report, 58% of PC gamers want to resell their digital games

Ultra released the findings of its research with 2,000 PC gamers in the UK and US.

Ultra, a complete PC gaming hub created by AAA talent from companies like Ubisoft, PlayStation, and Nintendo, released the full findings of its Ultra PC Gamer Study today. They reveal that 24% of all digital PC games in gamers’ libraries have never been played, while 58% of PC gamers would sell their digital titles if they could.

The study surveyed 2,000 PC gamers in the US and UK and found that they want more options in how they buy, trade, and sell their digital video games. They miss the old days of swapping and selling CD-ROMs, which is different from the current situation where bought game licenses are locked to one account and can cost over $70.

This high price is why most respondents think AAA games are too pricey and why only a third of all digital games are bought at full price. But this changes when gamers can sell their games back: Almost two-thirds of respondents would get more AAA games at full price if they could resell them later.

The study also reveals how players often ignore digital games. Besides the 24% that are never played, only less than half (44%) of digital PC games are played regularly. The report also gives more information on how gamers find new games, how reviews affect their choices, what platforms they prefer, and how they feel about earning digital items and money while playing.

Nicolas Gilot, Co-CEO at Ultra, commented:

“Our research has shown that whilst PC gaming is far from broken, there’s clear room for improvement. Ultra has long held the belief that a digital secondary game marketplace can not only tackle the backlogs in gamers’ libraries, but also help developers and publishers sell more games, and unlock new revenue streams and ways to engage their communities. In late 2023 Ultra launched the first ever truly tradable digital video game, showing how the status quo in digital content ownership can be redefined.”

Key findings:

  • Secondary games marketplace: 58% of PC gamers would sell some of the digital games they own. 64% of respondents would buy more AAA titles at full price if they could resell them later. 
  • Regularity of play:  Less than half (44%) of the digital PC games in gamers’ libraries are played on a regular basis; almost a quarter (24%) have never been played at all.
  • Price sensitivity: 75% find AAA titles too expensive. 87% said discounts and sales are important in purchasing decisions, with only 36% of their games bought at full price. 32% are free-to-play, while 32% are discounted or bundled. 
  • Indie Game Purchases: 75% of respondents buy digital indie games, with 33% liking the lower price point of indie games. Other reasons for indie purchases include creativity (40%) and wanting to try something new (39%). 
  • Indie Avoidance: Of those not purchasing indie games, 41% say it’s because they don’t know if they will enjoy them, while 32% don’t have time to play multiple games simultaneously. 
  • Game Discoverability: 36% of respondents say finding new games to play is difficult. 38% look to YouTube for new games, while 34% rely on their friends. 18% use Steam to find new games, while 13% say they are most likely to discover new games on the Epic Games Store. 
  • PC Stores: Steam remains the most popular storefront, beating Epic Games regarding preferred features. As for desired features, respondents were most likely to select a single profile connecting all the games, apps, and sites they use (35%). 
  • Digital Economy: 68% of respondents have bought some form of in-game content, and 26% of PC gamers are interested in buying limited edition or unique in-game items.
  • Crypto Aversion: Despite there being an interest in earning in-game currency (34%) and real money (33%) while playing, only 18% are interested in earning cryptocurrency. Likewise, the third (33%) of respondents interested in earning limited edition items falls to 19% when those items are referred to as NFTs.

Ultra is a pioneer of a digital games market where players can trade and sell their games. Josh Journey: Darkness Totems, the first game that can be bought and sold digitally, came out in December 2023. You can get it new or used from the Ultra PC Gaming Hub.

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