Playabit’s first game, Time Blast! launched globally

Published by Wildlife Inc. and developed by Playabit, Time Blast! is a match-3 puzzle game that that will test player’s skill and captivate their imagination.

Playabit, a Studio by Wildlife, has launched its first game, Time Blast: Puzzle Game. Time Blast! takes players across different eras in time, from the dawn of civilization to the Wild West, as they solve challenging puzzles and blast colorful cubes with the Timesmith family.

Playabit is led by mobile industry veterans behind Toy Blast and Toon Blast from Peak Games. In Match Blast!, players will use their strategic skills to match three or more cubes and create powerful combos to beat various levels. After completing each level, players earn stars and use those stars to progress the game’s story. Time Blast! also offers vibrant colors and incredible animations to engage players with the game and it’s story.

Ayhan Şahin, Co-Founder & Head of Studio at Playabit, shared his excitement about the game’s launch over on LinkedIn.

Thanks to the incredible support and flexibility from Wild Life, we were able to create a studio and a game just the way we envisioned. Starting a studio from scratch wasn’t easy—convincing people to join our cause amidst all the chaos in the gaming industry was super tough. But would I do it again? Absolutely!

In the process, I left my beloved United States, my comfortable home, and moved across globe (again) to London. We brought together talent from all corners of the globe to make this dream a reality.

Ayhan.Şahin, Co-Founder & Head of Studio at Playabit

Ayhan Şahin. also gave special shoutouts to his team in the order that they joined the team.

After thanking his team he also thanked Wild Life for their support.

There are just so many Wild Life folks who touched our game. At one point, our story team grew to about 20 people! I would name everyone but it would mean nearly 200 people really. I know you have been through a lot past few months! You all are an amazing team and deserve the best.

Thanks for believing in me, letting me build the team I wanted and helping us release the game we dreamed of. Thanks for funding this amazing journey. I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Ayhan.Şahin, Co-Founder & Head of Studio at Playabit
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