Plummy Games secures a $6M investment from X-FLOW right after launching its new game

The company’s most recent title, Star Merge, amassed over 10,000 downloads on the Google Play Store.
A female character and a sheep from Star Merge next to the Plummy Games logo and Star Merge logo

Casual mobile game company Plummy Games has secured a $6 million investment from X-FLOW Games. The company developed Match-3 and Bubble Shooter games for more than ten years, and with this investment, it has turned its goals to climb the game lists and become a genre leader.

Plummy Games, founded by Peak Games veterans Olga Zamisnaia, Can Şahin, and Adnan Kobazoğlu, has a competitive team of professionals experienced in casual mobile games. The company has offices in Estonia, Turkey, and Moldova, as its new game Star Merge has surpassed the 10,000 download mark on Google Play Store.

Çalışkan Okkan Toker managed the legal processes of the investment, and Alfa Games Partners provided support as an investment advisor. Can Şahin, the company’s COO, made statements about the investment and the future of the company:

“After the services we provided at Peak Games, we also had the opportunity to work with American publishers. When we finally add innovation to our product, marketing, and operational experiences, we will be ready to present our new game, Star Merge, worldwide. As we compete in an already grown category with high competition, we will soon reap the benefits of being well-funded and having valuable partners.”

The company has been working with a core team for more than ten years and is getting ready to find new members who will fit into the studio’s culture and working models. Plummy Games is in a position to benefit from the talent pool of both the CIS region and the game industry in Turkey and is also open to team members who can work remotely worldwide.

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