Polygon partners with GameOn to make new NFT games

Polygon is investing to cover GameOn’s product development costs.
Polygon continues to invest in NFT and blockchain games.

Polygon, the creator of a crypto-based platform for NFTs, has announced its partnership with GameOn to accelerate its work on NFT games development. The company is investing more and more in blockchain-based games every day. On Polygon’s platform, users can trade NFTs without incurring high fees and deductions.

The company announced earlier this year that it has raised a $100 million fund for gaming projects using blockchain technology. GameOn is one of the recipients of this funding, and Polygon will finance 50% of product development costs. GameOn is a company that produces games for other entertainment companies. The agreement with Polygon also covers the costs of converting other games the company has developed to date to NFT.

GameOn CEO Matt Bailey said in a statement:

“Leveraging Polygon’s technology, GameOn continues to lean into blockchain and NFTs, bringing innovative gamification to the rapidly growing Web3 and metaverse economies. Through resource-driving partnerships and M&A, we’ll continue to double down on being the one-stop shop for gamification, including NFT-based games.”

Polygon’s investments in blockchain and NFT allow it to remain competitive in the industry. Investment news about NFT has been increasing rapidly lately, and the number of games using blockchain technology is expanding. The fact that the developer companies can find financial support also indicates that new play-to-earn opportunities are at the door for the players.

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