Redfall launch trailer released

“The four of us together, against the darkness…”

Redfall, a story-based first-person shooter developed by Arkane Studios, previously known for games like Prey and Dishonored, that allows players to fight vampires alone or with three other friends, is coming out on May 2nd. With the release just days away, distributor Bethesda has released a 2.5 minute launch trailer.

Featuring an exclusive new version of the hit song “Black Hole Sun”, the trailer shows the game’s four protagonists as they journey from an old Massachusetts town to the psychic underworld with flying bullets and special powers. In a world where everyone, including the vampire overlords, is after the protagonist, the quartet must use every leverage at their disposal.

In familiar Arkane fashion, you can choose your path across the island and through the vampire masses as you discover what caused this plague of vampires and put an end to the threat. While exploring Redfall’s open world full of detail and shine a light on the island’s darkest corners as you fight to uncover the vampires’ secrets.

Redfall is out next week on May 2nd for Xbox Series X|S and PC. Players can pre-order now or play on launch day with Game Pass.

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