Riot Games announces Marc Merrill as the new CPO

Marc Merrill, the co-founder of Riot Games, has taken on a new role as the Chief Product Officer (CPO) of the company. As the CPO, Merrill will oversee Riot’s vision across the ecosystem, including game titles, game experiences, and research & development.

In a major move, Riot Games has announced that its Co-Founder and former co-CEO Marc Merrill will take charge of all products at the company as the Chief Product Officer (CPO).

Merrill will work closely with CEO Dylan Jadeja and the game teams to shape the ecosystems of League of Legends, VALORANT, Teamfight Tactics, Wild Rift, Legends of Runeterra, and Research and Development (R&D) at Riot.

CEO Dylan Jadeja said the following;

“In this next chapter for Riot, our goal is to double-down on our mission for players and to continue our evolution from delivering games as a service to bringing games as an experience to players. Marc is incredibly well suited to drive this improved orientation and focus on behalf of players. He helped build this place from the ground up, and he’s been hands-on in making our mission a reality for years. He cares deeply about who we are and what we mean to players and has a nuanced understanding of what resonates across our products. Most importantly, Marc shares our strategic vision to unify games, esports, and entertainment into an experience for players that transcends the sum of their parts. We wouldn’t be the Company we are today without his leadership, and I am honored and excited to have him step into this critical role.” 

The new role will fortify Riot’s product strategy for the future after an expansion of products at Riot over the last five years, with the launch of games in the shooter and strategy genres, expansion into mobile, and the Emmy Award-winning animated series Arcane. Marc’s experience and player-first philosophy uniquely position him to help steer Riot’s audience orientation, ensuring the narrative’s authenticity and player-focused gameplay across all titles and products continue to evolve, engaging players in novel and rewarding ways.

Marc Merrill added,

“I’m excited by the opportunity to help Riot deliver really special experiences to players,” stated Merrill. “In a world full of amazing entertainment options, players want games that are truly great, and that’s what we aspire to create.”

Marc Merrill has been involved in various aspects of Riot’s growth and success since its inception in 2006. He was the first President and Executive Producer of League of Legends, the most-played PC game in the world. He also became the co-CEO of Riot Games and oversaw the expansion of the company’s global operations and culture. He was a key figure in the development of Riot’s Esports and entertainment efforts, including the production of Arcane, an animated series based on League of Legends.

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