Indie developer Rob Hale passed away, their games became free

Waves and Waves 2 become free as a “parting gift” upon Rob’s death.
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Waves and Waves 2 developer Rob Hale has died of cancer.

Rob Hale, the developer of indie games called Waves and Waves 2, passed away at the beginning of this month due to cancer. In an announcement on Steam, Hale’s partner CJ made both games free as Rob’s “farewell gift.”

Stating that he is deeply saddened, CJ explained the situation with the following words:

“By now you will have noticed that both Waves and Waves 2 are free to play across all platforms. This was something Rob was considering anyway within the past two months as their health entered into more substantial difficulties, so I hope this can be seen as a parting gift to all those out there that haven’t yet played either of these games.”

In the continuation of the statement, CJ said that Rob is very passionate about their job and has always dreamed big over the years, adding that Rob has coped with great difficulties during the pandemic.

Informing their followers about the illness on a Steam post back in June, Rob announced that they lost their full-time job in 2021 and continued to update the second game on much better terms by switching to another job. In the continuation of the sharing, there is information that Rob caught skin cancer in June of 2021 and later underwent surgery.

Adding that they had a lot of problems due to the effects of the drugs, Rob explained the place of the games in their life and the course of the project with the following words:

“Waves 2 has taken far more of my life than it was ever supposed to and that’s all my own fault for feature creeping and second-guessing what I thought the Steam audience wants. I need to move on from this project for my mental health but I don’t want to abandon it as it currently stands. I was far too ambitious and I paid the price but at least I know I have a dedicated and passionate community who love the game I’ve made and that counts for a lot.”

Waves and Waves 2, a twin-stick shooter game, are currently free on Steam and will remain so. The games received excellent feedback and stood out among other indie games with their mechanics.

The first game was released in 2011, and the second was released in 2015. The conditions of the period and the fact that the developer provided this work without support is admirable. You can keep Rob’s legacy alive by getting the games for free on Steam and experiencing their efforts firsthand.

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