Roblox community grew by 23% to 56 million daily global users in 2022

The Roblox ecosystem had a productive 2022 as the CEO suggests.
Roblox'tan karakterler yan yana

Roblox Corporation’s Founder and CEO David Baszucki shared a blog post on the Roblox website, summarizing Roblox’s 2022. Along with several achievements and partnerships, Baszucki emphasized the growth and daily global users, which has exceeded 56 million.

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In his blog post, named “2022 Year In Review – Letter from our CEO”, Baszucki shined a light on major accomplishments from 2022 and explained the impact of some improvements in numbers. With the launch of “Layered Clothing”, a feature which players can choose clothing and accessories to fit any avatar body type, 115 million people own a layered clothing item. Two major partnerships played a key role; Philips Norelco’s Shavetopia  and H&M’s Loooptopia.

Creator opportunities was the other topic that Baszucki explained in detail. In 2022, Roblox community visited more than 15 million experiences on the platform, and developers and creators published more than 15,000 experiences every single day.

David Baszucki said:

“At the end of the year, we began rolling out our new Creator Hub, a resource that brings all of our online tools and documentation for developers into a unified platform.
Creator Hub makes creation easier, faster, and more streamlined by providing operational and management support in one place. The technology we’re building for Creator Hub will also bring greater fidelity and capabilities to developer creations.”

The virtual economy of Roblox was the last accomplishment in Baszucki’s post. In 2022, 90% of items published in Marketplace are now made by creators, getting closer to the point where all content within Roblox is fully user-generated. “We’re continuing to improve user discovery in Marketplace,” said Baszucki, “so people can find items they want in a way that will redefine the user journey.”

In September 2022, Roblox shared year-over-year estimated bookings and revenue, as estimated bookings were up by 11% to 15% and were between $212 million and $219 million. Expected revenue was determined between $171 million and $180 million, down 2% to up 3% compared to September 2021.

You can read the full letter here.

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