Roku and Unity team up to transform mobile app marketing

Roku and Unity’s innovative partnership promises to transform mobile app marketing, merging TV streaming with cutting-edge user acquisition technology.

Roku and Unity have announced a strategic partnership, setting the stage for a significant shift in mobile app advertising. This collaboration, which is currently in beta testing, merges Roku’s premium TV inventory with Unity’s advanced user acquisition technology. This initiative aims to redefine how mobile app campaigns are executed on TV streaming platforms, offering a unique blend of reach, efficiency, and innovation in digital advertising.

Background on Roku and Unity 

Roku, known for its pioneering role in TV streaming, has been a key player in transforming how viewers consume television content. Its platform offers a diverse range of streaming channels, making it a hub for entertainment and information. Roku’s growth in the streaming sector has been notable, with an expanding user base and a strong inventory of advertising options.

Unity, on the other hand, stands as a giant in the gaming industry, known for its game development engine and mobile marketing and user acquisition expansions. It powers a significant portion of mobile games and applications and also provides tools for better mobile user acquisition.

The essence of the partnership

At the heart of this collaboration is transforming TV streaming into a high-performance channel for mobile app marketers. This partnership is more than just a merger of technologies; it is a strategic alignment of Roku’s direct connection to viewers and Unity’s prowess in user acquisition. This integration allows mobile app marketers to seamlessly blend connected TV (CTV) into their user acquisition strategies by linking Roku’s premium TV streaming inventory to Unity’s Luna app marketing platform.

This collaboration enhances campaign measurement and optimization, offering marketers a more streamlined advertising experience. It also introduces Roku’s Action Ads, which enhance the user experience by allowing viewers to easily initiate game downloads via their Roku remote and then return to their TV streaming content without disruption. This seamless integration is a game-changer, providing a smoother transition for users from viewing to action.

The benefit to app marketers 

For app marketers, this partnership offers an unprecedented opportunity to tap into the vast potential of CTV. It turns CTV into a high-scale performance channel for apps and games, providing unique value and growth opportunities. Marketers can now measure the full journey of their TV streaming campaigns, from initial exposure to ultimate app downloads, making their growth strategies more cost-effective and data-driven.

This innovative approach empowers marketers to reach larger audiences. By leveraging Roku’s scale, technology, and Unity’s user acquisition capabilities, marketers can optimize their campaigns for better performance and higher engagement.

Future prospects and conclusion 

Post-beta testing, Luna will collaborate with select partners to expand their presence on the Roku platform. This move signals a broader shift in the advertising industry as platforms like Roku diversify their partnerships to enhance advertising capabilities. 

In conclusion, Roku and Unity’s partnership marks a significant milestone in the evolution of digital advertising. It opens up new avenues for app marketers to leverage the growing importance of TV streaming as a performance channel. This collaboration is set to transform how mobile app campaigns are run, offering a blueprint for future innovations in the advertising domain.

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