Rollic crosses 2 billion lifetime downloads worldwide

To this day, The Turkish publisher had 14 games that are ranked in the Top 10 most downloaded games in the US in 2022 alone.
Rollic's game characters are celebrating 2 billion downloads on a purple background

Istanbul-based mobile game developer and publisher Rollic crossed a huge milestone and reached over 2 billion lifetime downloads. The Zynga-owned publisher is known for its diverse and fast-growing portfolio of games

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The video game company so far launched 19 titles that have reached the first and second most downloaded game positions in the US on Apple Store. The Turkish gaming firm also had 14 games that ranked in the Top 10 most downloaded games in 2022 alone in the US on the same platform.

In the official celebration post the company had the following bit to share:

“Rollic is redefining the fast-growing hyper-casual sector by adding live services and dozens of in-game events to many of its top-performing titles. These features update gameplay for users, allowing them to race to the top of the leaderboard, meet new challenges, and earn the latest rewards, which help to update engagement patterns that prolong the traditionally quick playability of their hyper-casual titles.”

Rollic has been doing quite well as a Zynga and Take-Two subsidiary; the company launched 11 games in the last quarter, and one of their games, Colors Runners! reached the number one spot in most downloaded games in the US App Store in June. The Turkish gaming entity started adding live services to its mobile titles in 2021 and this method also paid off, according to the official press release.

As one of the largest hyper-casual game publishers worldwide the gaming firm takes a unique approach and updates its hit games with new content according to player behavior and cultural trends.

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