Highest grossing mobile games of July 2022

Tencent’s games top the charts in overall revenue and App Store revenue once again, per Sensor Tower’s data.
PUBG Mobile, Honor of Kings and Genshin Impact characters standing side by side

China-based video games and tech giant Tencent continued to dominate the mobile game market in July 2022. Tencent’s Honor of Kings topped the overall revenue chart with $225.88 in player spending, and PUBG Mobile earned approximately $164.3 million and ranked second.

Both games heavily rely on the Chinese mobile game market, as nearly 95% of Honor of Kings’ revenue and about 69% of PUBG Mobile’s earnings came from China; the latter is dubbed “Game for Peace” in the country.

For Honor of Kings, Taiwan and Thailand brought in the second and third most revenue, respectively at 2% and 1.6%, but Honor of Kings is expanding globally and the game is already in the closed beta stage worldwide, meaning other countries will start ranking soon and potentially take over Taiwan and Thailand, however, taking over China is nearly impossible at this point in time.

miHoYo’s Genshin Impact ranks third in the overall revenue chart, followed by King’s Candy Crush Saga at fourth and Roblox at fifth spots.

USA is the number one market for global revenue in July 2022

According to Sensor Tower‘s data, in July 2022, players spent about $6.7 billion on mobile games across the App Store and Google Play, however, Google Play isn’t available in China.

The US takes the number one spot in regards to player spending, generating over $1.9 million (28.4%) in the 30-day period, followed by Japan at 20% and China at 17.8%, but, Google services not being available in the far eastern country makes this bit a bit unreliable, of course.

Activision Blizzard and NetEase’s Diablo Immortal made its way back to the App Store’s Top 10, earning way over $100 million in total revenue and crossing 30 million downloads, meanwhile, Bandai Namco’s Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle generated about $70 million from global player spending.

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