Rollic’s Wheel Smash is the USA’s top iOS game

Wheel Smash

The mobile games industry market is hard because many games releasing daily. It’s hard for a lot of developers to reach the top lists but it’s not hard for Rollic Games. The studio is one of the biggest hyper-casual publishers in the world and their new game, Wheel Smash, proves that. The game that is developed by Alf Games and published by Rollic is now the top iOS game in the USA.

What is Wheel Smash?

In a short brief way, it’s a game about smashing satisfying objects. You can crush many different types of crunchy and soft things and feel immense satisfaction. You will control a giant wheel and it’s up to you to go slowly (for more satisfying experience) or just swipe to smash everything around you. It’s a levels based game that has many unique features such as ASMR experience and realistic soft objects and sounds. According to the marketing and advertising company Adjust, Wheel Smash is listed as iOS top 1 USA.

Wheel Smash


Rollic has released many successful games on the market, especially on Apple’s App Store. It has many hits like Picker 3D which also Ranked top 1 in USA. Other hit titles are Water Shooty, Pixel Shot 3D, Color Circles 3D, Overloaded!, Zero21 Solitaire, Flipper Dunk, and more.

Last week, Sensor Tower published a report about the top 2019 new games by worldwide downloads. 77.6 percent of the games were hyper-casual. The most downloaded new game in 2019 was Good Job Games’ Fun Race 3D. Rollic is not one of the biggest publishers worldwide yet but it’s one of the biggest publishers globally. If you want to try Wheel Smash, you can download it on iOS by clicking here. If you don’t know this popular genre yet, you can check our article about it by pressing here.

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