Rumble Kong League receives $4.5 million seed investment

NFT Basketball game, which has made a name for itself recently, returned with $ 4.5 million from the Rumble Kong League seed funding round.
RKL invesment
The new NFT basketball game received an investment of $ 4.5 million.

Rumble Kong League is an NFT basketball game with primate game characters and returned from its funding round with a seed investment of $ 4.5 million. Rumble Kong League introduces a new play-to-earn game option for basketball fans. With the investment, the game’s development process is expected to accelerate.

Leading names such as Skyvision Capital, Animoca Brands, Framework Ventures, and CAA Sports participated as investors. JDS Crypto was the leader of the funding round. With the investment it has received, the Rumble Kong League has set out to provide the best possible play-to-earn experience. By 2022, it is aimed to increase the number and acquisition rate of NFT items in the game. So the Rumble Kong League players will get more NFTs in more diverse and fun ways.

Rumble Kong League runs on the Ethereum blockchain and uses the ERC-721 standard. In the written statement made by the game officials on the subject, the following comments were used regarding the investment:

“Honestly, nothing much will change in our day-to-day. Kongs will be Kongs, we will continue building but when we share something, we want it to be the highest possible quality, and involve each one of you to get there. The effects will come into play further down the road, as we now have the funds to accelerate features and initiatives which were further down on the roadmap.”

The game was released in July 2021. Since then, the collection of 10,000 monkeys has reached a resale volume of 12k ETH. These ten thousand monkeys will be the stars of basketball games to be played as 3v3 teams in the future. As a result of the matches, players will own crypto assets. With the investment it has received, Rumble Kong League aims to offer players a world of basketball that is both fun and profitable with its unique style.

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