Social media trends that inspire mobile games – part 2

Many casual and hyper-casual games emerge from social media trends. The second part of this report continues to reveal the relationship between social media trends and mobile games.

Digging into the data about mobile games that are inspired by social media trends, AppMagic has uncovered large amounts of data related to the subject. The subject and the data were so deep that they had to be arranged into a series of reports. You can access the first part of the report here.

This second part of the report covers more popular subgenres from social media trends and the history behind some of the trends. The report provides market metrics of various mobile games inspired by social media trends alongside the reasons for their success.

The report includes string pull, pop it, 100 mystery buttons, coloring match, road marking, and do-it-yourself (DIY) trends. Phone case DIY, tie-dye, and dessert DIY are also included as subgenres of do-it-yourself.

Do-it-yourself is not solely a trend in social media but also a social trend; major one too. According to a report, the DIY home improvement retailing market was valued at $848.20 billion in 2021. And it is projected to reach $1,278.00 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 4.37% from 2022 to 2030. According to the report, DIY videos have become a trend because they give a sense of community and encourage people to share them regardless of whether they actually do them. It is also a creative way to relieve stress. The games inspired by this trend become successful because of similar reasons. 

Phone case DIY games let the players express their artistic side by designing their phone cases, just like the people in the same category of videos. The report also provides a little more data about Phone Case DIY by CrazyLabs, the top game in this category by far.

Tie-dye videos offer an exciting way to convert basic t-shirts into colorful apparel while providing entertaining videos on social media. The top game in this category has 147 million downloads, according to AppMagic, which is 300 times more than its closest competitor.

Interestingly, the dessert DIY social media trend inspired fewer games than other trends. Yet the top game of the category already has a considerable number of downloads and is still generating downloads.

String pull is another artistic trend in social media where a piece of string is dipped into paint, placed on a paper then pulled. The paint-dipped string creates patterns that can either be left as they are or extended by drawing around it. String pull, a game by CrazLabs, is also at the top of the list in this genre, with around 16 million total installs

The full version of the report here provides more insights, data, and takeaways.

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