Social media trends that inspire mobile games – part 1

Mobile game developers closely monitor social media trends and react quickly to emerging or changing trends. This report will provide valuable insights as data is vital in determining those trends.

The mobile game industry is particularly quick to react to social media trends. That is why it is common to see the gamified version of an emerging video genre, for instance, just a couple of weeks or days after its videos peak on YouTube or TikTok. AppMagic dug through the data to discover the patterns and correlations between mobile games and social media trends that inspired them and compiled a report.

The data surfaced was so vast that it had to be arranged into a series of reports. The first part of the series covers slapping, pimple popping, sneaker art, sculpt people, and ASMR. Soap cutting, shredding, steak preparation, and frozen honey trends are included as subgenres of ASMR.

ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) is a state of light euphoria triggered by sensory inputs. ASMR manifests as a trend in videos where gentle, calming sounds are prominent. 

Inspired by the soap-cutting videos where viewers can watch and listen to the sounds of soap being sliced, these games mimic the same calming effect by enabling the players to do it.

Shredding mobile games are inspired by videos where people throw various things into shredders – industrial machines that tear items into chips. Games like “Will It Shred?” let the players shred various things, from vegetables to electronic components and upgrade their shredding machine.

Similar to shredding, hydro press games are an extension of the social media trend with the same name. Such games let the players crush various items under a hydraulic press.

Steak cooking is another trend in social media that found its way into the mobile game industry. These games let the players get the satisfaction of preparing and cooking the perfect steak for various customers.

Frozen honey games let the player prepare their mixtures of frozen honey and squeeze the honey jelly out of the bottle.

Slapping games get inspiration from videos where people willingly engage in a slapping challenge and the fact that there have been legal activity in Nevada concerning how to regulate competitive slapping. 

More social media trends that inspire mobile games and more data about them can be found in the full report here.

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