Socialpoint Studio Launches Top Troops Worldwide

Zynga’s Socialpoint Studio launches Top Troops, a mobile game merging strategy, RPG, and merge mechanics. Set in the medieval Kingdom of King’s Bay, players lead squads, merging units like Ninja Moles and Imperial Elves for strategic conquests.
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Zynga Inc., a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive Software, has announced the launch of Top Troops, a new mobile game developed by its studio, Socialpoint. Combining elements of mobile strategy, RPG, and merge mechanics, Top Troops offers players a medieval fantasy adventure centered on combat and conquest.

Set in the Kingdom of King’s Bay, Top Troops follows two rival brothers leading their squads into large-scale battles of good versus evil. The game challenges players to merge and battle strategically, employing various combinations to create mighty squad-based armies. Units such as Ninja Moles and Imperial Elves can be leveled up and strategically combined, influencing the outcome of conquests based on player choices.

Akshay Bharadwaj, Head of Socialpoint, described Top Troops as a bold step into the merge-and-battle genre, offering strategic gameplay and inviting players to build mighty empires and lead diverse troops into combat.

Yaron Leyvand, Executive Vice President of Games at Zynga, expressed excitement about bringing Top Troops to life, marking Socialpoint’s first worldwide launch under the Zynga label since the 2022 combination with Take-Two Interactive. Leyvand highlighted the collaboration between Zynga and Socialpoint, emphasizing the potential for growth and the creation of a dynamic and vibrant game.

Top Troops’ features include merging and leveling troops, leading armies into epic battles, reclaiming lost land, and strategizing victories through deck-building strategies. The game offers campaign and player vs. player modes to explore and engage with.

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