Sony revealed PlayStation VR2 will come in early 2023

Sony finally mentioned a time slot for the new VR headset.
PlayStation VR2 on the white background.

Sony revealed that PlayStation VR2 will be coming in early 2023 on its official Instagram account. The post includes a good look at the anticipated new headset, yet there’s still no exact date, but now players know the wait most likely won’t be too long.

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Initially, it seemed that PlayStation VR2 would be released this year. Sony first confirmed the existence of the headset with a blog post in February 2021. The company released the first look at the new sense controllers two months later.

Things seemed to be moving forward back then, but the entertainment giant chose not to reveal anything until January 2022, which changed the direction of rumors. At the beginning of this year, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan announced the official specs of the headset at CES. The official name and logo of the set were shared alongside the first look at Horizon Call of The Mountain.

Information about the headset came out little by little over the past months. The white design was revealed in February 2022. Sony later announced that it wanted to make at least twenty games available for the headset at launch, which excited the fans. Before all this information came out, it was known that the headset gets eye tracking and a 4K HDR screen.

The headset’s design is the same size and shape as the PlayStation VR. There were no complaints about PlayStation VR’s design except for the vent holes, and Sony didn’t change much about it. They added a hole for a vent this time. Besides that, a physical IPD slider is a new design feature that gets players’ attention, which will come in handy while using the headset.

This is the first time that Sony mentions a time slot in which the successor to the original headset will be released. PlayStation VR2 will come eight years after the first one.

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