Spectarium secures €5 million seed round to develop first RPG title

With former EA, Epic Games, Riot Games, and Square Enix in its team, Spectarium secured €5 million to further the development of Myths. An AI-supported RPG that is planned to be soft-launched in 2024.

Spectarium, a company dedicated to creating cross-platform action RPGs, has announced the successful closure of a 5 million euro seed funding round. BITKRAFT Ventures led this funding round with the participation of Delphi Digital and Framework Ventures. Spectarium, founded by Romain Schneider, Mark Peterson, and Avi & Gabi Shalel, co-founders of Plarium, has a team with members from prominent gaming companies like EA, Epic Games, Riot Games, and Square Enix. The funds will be used to expand the team and further enhance the gameplay of the company’s first RPG title, Myths, which is slated for a soft launch to specific target audiences in 2024.

Spectarium CEO Romain Schneider said:

“Eight years ago, the Spectarium core team came together with a shared mission: to create a game envisioned by our community. This journey fostered a deep trust with our global player base and solidified our team’s passion for crafting games that resonate. While we remain community-centric, the studio has evolved and is committed to developing cross-platform, mass-market games that captivate gamers worldwide. By merging standout visuals with generated content, we aim to craft unique and endless gameplay experiences,” 

Spectarium’s flagship title, Myths, is an action RPG that strongly emphasizes enjoyable and infinite gameplay. Myths offers players an epic dungeon-crawling experience with distinctive twists. Notably, characters, equipment, and portals in the game absorb the attributes of defeated bosses, introducing a novel strategy element into the gameplay. Furthermore, the first players who discover and conquer these legendary new bosses can own, enhance, and make them accessible to the entire game community, thus securing in-world fame among the player base.

A central concept driving the game’s design is creating an AI engine that personalizes gameplay activities and the proprietary Mythological theme IP to align with each player’s preferences. This dynamic approach ensures that each player’s journey is unique. For example, one player may engage in boss battles within Valhalla while another explores the intricacies of a Mayan temple. Comparable to the TikTok algorithm, the Spectarium game engine intuitively aligns gameplay experiences and thematic elements with the specific preferences of players, ensuring that every game experience is unique and tailored.

Spectarium prides itself on its employee-centric culture, with a remarkable 97% retention rate for team members who have been with the company for one year or longer. To maintain high morale and attract top talent, the company has implemented a Feel Good Officer and a Feel Good KPI system, emphasizing the importance of its workforce in achieving its ambitious goals.

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