Spiritle, a turn-based board game, reveals new trailer

Prepare your strategy, learn how to master Spiritle turn-based board game
Spiritle cover with a main protagonist

Chinese indie outfit Fabled Game Studios, the creators behind the popular roguelike card game Pirates Outlaws, has today premiered the first gameplay trailer for their upcoming four-player turn-based strategy digital board game, Spiritle. Learn more about the mechanics and tactics needed for victory, then watch the new character spotlight introducing Sionnach, the Valiant Fighter, in the first of four videos showcasing the playable Spirits in the game.

In Spiritle, control a Spirit of one of the four elements, Nature, Earth, Water and Fire, in an attempt to beat opponents and regain your place in the World Tree. Once a Soul falls from the World Tree, it incarnates an animal and becomes a spirit of the forest devoted to its element. Choose from this cast of dynamic characters each with their own strategy and abilities to use in play. After selecting a Spirit, their skills and equipping a ring, deploy your character and move onto the board to open tiles and reveal new lands. If two identical lands are paired, players can attack and gain advantages against their foes. Spiritle is easy to pick up but difficult to master – victory will only come to the most cunning strategist.

Challenge your opponents in a variety of different modes including Classic battle, a competitive matchmaking mode with ranks to climb; the seasonal Cooperative mode for chaotic 2v2 action; and a Custom mode to play privately with friends. The World Tree is binded with seasons, with the release season of Earth presenting the tree of Brutality. With eight Spirit characters to choose from and four fully functional  seasons to battle on, as well as each season’s World Tree passives, champion the board and become the ultimate tactical gamer!

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