Super Snappy aims to deliver Web3 social gaming to the masses

Formerly the leading games provider for Snapchat, NOWWA/Gamebop, a renowned developer, announced the launch of its new cross-platform messaging and gaming app, Super Snappy. This all-in-one application aims to bring Web3 social gaming to the masses.
gaming devices that can play super snappy.

NOWWA/Gamebop, led by CEO and Creative Director Yohami Zerpa, boasts a team of over 25 professional developers, artists, and animators. The team includes CTO Joe Wilcox, a seasoned Unreal Engine veteran who held prominent roles at Epic Games.

Super Snappy is a free service that provides customizable avatars and personalized Spaces where friends and players can gather for real-time chat. Additionally, users can directly invite contacts to play any of Super Snappy’s built-in games without needing separate app downloads or purchases.

Super Snappy builds upon the success of popular platforms such as Club Penguin, Habbo Hotel, and Facebook Canvas while addressing the gap left by existing platforms like The Sandbox and Decentraland. Super Snappy offers a unified experience with features such as avatars, friends lists, game profiles, pets, spaces, and a wide selection of games by seamlessly connecting users across the web, mobile devices, and gaming consoles.

The primary objective of Super Snappy is to answer the question of “where to play with friends,” which currently requires navigating a fragmented landscape of disconnected systems, games, and platforms. By positioning itself as the social hub for gamers everywhere, Super Snappy aims to become the social glue that connects all games.

To encourage community engagement and active participation, Super Snappy rewards players with $SUPR, the platform’s native ERC-20 token. These tokens, built on Ethereum and Polygon blockchains, can purchase in-game non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and digital assets. Furthermore, players can exchange NFTs and user-generated content for $SUPR.

Despite featuring an in-game currency, Super Snappy remains free to use. NOWWA/Gamebop’s revenue model revolves around various avenues, including:

Subscriptions: Paid subscribers gain access to digital items, in-game currency, Season Passes, and exclusive rewards.

In-App Purchases: Players can earn and utilize the exclusive Super Snappy currency to unlock items, power-ups, and cosmetics.

Rewarded Ads: Rather than intrusive banner and interstitial ads, players can watch in-game ads for rewards or skip them entirely.

Third-Party Developers: Super Snappy offers a generous revenue-sharing program, enabling third-party developers to earn 95% of the revenue while the platform takes only 5%.

Super Snappy leverages the proprietary HTML5 TOY Engine, deployed on PlayCanvas, Unity, and Unreal Engine, to deliver its cross-platform capabilities. The backend infrastructure, called ConquerOS, handles multiplayer servers and analytics and is proprietary. Native clients of Super Snappy will be available on all major game consoles, operating systems, and mobile devices.

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