Supersonic Studios works with partner priority business model

Supersonic Studios invests as much in their partners as they do in their games. The company offers successful solutions to its business partners with its sharing model.
Supersonic Studios
Supersonic Studios produces efficient publishing models for partners.

With its partner priority model, Supersonic Studios prepares its partners for success by combining its expertise and experience in game development with transparency. The company aims to offer its partners the key to sustainable success instead of making a hit game and getting lost. This means they share tips, best practices, and performance metrics (KPIs) with partners as part of transparency.

Supersonic Studios transparency (White Box) philosophy

In addition to financial ones, the company also invests in business development for its partners. In this context, it is aimed to turn the games released by the developers into a business through long-term relationships. Supersonic Studios continues its publishing life with the “White Box” approach it has adopted. This understanding gives developers access to data, insights, and information in a transparent manner rather than competition through implicit data processing. It is thought that this method will be much more effective when making business decisions about the future.

The process of working with a publisher may initially seem like a vague and rather complex process. Supersonic uses transparency to clarify this confusing process. Game performance and publishing processes are shared with business partners step by step. There is also a tool called “Wisdom SDK” developed by the company regarding this issue.

As an example on the subject, we can give Born2play as an example. Stan Mettra, the founder of the company, which had worked with other publishers and failed before releasing the Stacky Dash game, has this to say about Supersonic’s philosophy of transparency:

“One of the things we enjoyed most was the amount of data Supersonic gave us access to and the visibility into how the creatives and user acquisition campaigns on each channel were performing, which gave us a clear understanding of what was working best.”

Stacky Dash
Published by Supersonic, Stacky Dash has more than 50 million downloads on Google Play.

At the same time, Supersonic shows the same approach to the revenue generated by the game to its business partners, ensuring that they get a fair share of the revenue pie. In this context, the company implements the “Your game is always yours” policy.

On the subject, Murat Kul, the developer of another successful game, Get Rich, and the winner of the first Supersonic Superstars competition, explains:

 “Supersonic provided full access into their insights and analytics – and even now all of their data is still open to me. No matter what or when I ask, they show me the data, and that transparency is very important for both continued game growth and building a long-term, trusting relationship.”

Get Rich Murat Kul
Developed by Tenet and published by Supersonic, Get Rich has reached more than 1 million downloads on Google Play.

The speed-oriented success model

Competition in the hyper-casual gaming space is fierce. At this point, Supersonic considers the speed factor as an essential determinant. In addition to broadcasting, the company has formed a team of about 40 people to improve game performance and increase efficiency. Via the Wisdom SDK mentioned above, developers are provided with opportunities to test their games. With this solution, Supersonic offers its business partners data on important issues such as CTR, CPI, and user retention.

Carlton Forrestor, founder of Fogwatt Games, developer of the Bead Sort game, has this to say about Supersonic Studios’ speed principle:

“Once the scale of the campaign reached a significant point, Supersonic began optimizing both the creatives and the CPI strategy. On the second day, seeing how quickly the game jumped, Supersonic said we were ready to go global. It blew me away – we got to #1 on the app stores within 2 days.”

Bead Sort has more than 10 million downloads on Google Play.

Supersonic aims to significantly increase the profits of its business partners with its consistent analysis based on data. The company considers technology and data as essential elements in the dough of this business and says that “Tech and data is a culture.” Supersonic Studios seems to aim more than just a publisher by sharing its unique data processing methods and analysis with its partners.

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