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Supersessions February Workshop is on the way in partnership with Mobidictum and Supersonic!

What kind of year will 2022 be for the hyper-casual game industry? All of your questions about hyper-casual will be discussed at the brand new workshop organized in partnership with Supersonic and Mobidictum!

Through a great speaker lineup, including experts from TikTok, Supersonic, and Garawell Games, we’ll be discussing everything from hyper-casual trends to ideation tips and marketability strategies.

Supersessions February will greet you on 17 February at 04:00 PM (GMT +3) on the Zoom platform. Participation in the event will be completely free. Let us remind you that the sessions and panels at the workshop will be in English.

Supersessions Event Schedule

Mobidictum Founder and General Manager Batuhan Avucan is the moderator of the Supersessions February workshop. Supersonic’s Publishing Manager Team Leader Nir Regev, SVP Nadav Ashkenazy, Senior Publishing Manager Mark Ratchin, Market Analyst Uri Ron, TikTok’s Gaming Vertical Lead Alon Lemberg, and Garawell Games’ CEO Nebih Başaran will accompany as speakers.

The event schedule is as follows:

(4:00-4:15) Session 1: How to Successfully Test Marketability with Supersonic – Nir Regev
(4:15-4:45) Panel: How to Leverage TikTok to Improve Ideation and User acquisition – Nadav Ashkenazy, Uri Ron, Alon Lemberg
(4:45-5:15) Session 2: The Story of Color Match’s Rise to the Top Charts – Nebih Başaran, Mark Ratchin
(5:15-5:30) Trivia and Wrap Up

If you’re ready to deep dive into hyper-casual trends, tips & insights from the experts of the industry, and learn strategies straight from the top charts, sign up now!

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