TapNation collaborates with Arbitrum and Sequence to utilize Web3 technology

TapNation revealed its collaboration with industry leaders Arbitrum and Sequence to advance the integration of blockchain technology into its games, Monster Squad Rush and Cornhole League.

This initiative reflects TapNation’s dedication to pioneering Web3 features within mobile gaming. By partnering with Arbitrum and Sequence, TapNation aims to enhance the gaming experience and introduce new standards of innovation to the industry.

The integration of Web3 features into Monster Squad Rush and Cornhole League is poised to revolutionize player engagement, growth, and retention by offering gamers the opportunity to earn real-world assets through their gaming achievements. Philippe Lenormand, Head of Web3 at TapNation, emphasized the significance of this collaboration in reshaping the landscape of mobile gaming.

Sequence, renowned for its cutting-edge solutions in Web3 gaming technology, provides TapNation with the essential infrastructure to seamlessly blend blockchain technology into its gaming experiences. Meanwhile, Arbitrum offers a high throughput and low-cost blockchain solution, facilitating TapNation’s goal of delivering seamless Web3 experiences to a broader gaming audience.

Looking ahead, TapNation remains committed to exploring new ways of integrating blockchain technology across its portfolio, focusing on setting new benchmarks for innovation and player satisfaction in the mobile game industry.

Sam Barberie, Head of Strategy & Partnerships at Sequence, expressed excitement about collaborating with TapNation, highlighting the potential of this partnership to make blockchain technology accessible and enjoyable for a wider audience.

David Bolger, Senior Gaming Partnerships Manager at Offchain Labs, commended TapNation’s adoption of Web3 features, noting the seamless integration facilitated by Sequence and Arbitrum for TapNation’s vast audience.

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