The official Doctor Who game is now available on Apple Arcade!

After 60 years and 871 episodes, could it be that we’ve finally come across a good Doctor Who game?

Doctor Who is a unique TV Series in many respects and a production that has remained “innovative” from the time it met the audience to the present day. The series, which first aired in 1963 and tells the story of a time lord we call “Doctor” who tries to keep the Earth from inevitable doom by time travelling in a police box-looking spaceship called TARDIS, has so far appeared in 26 seasons and 871 episodes. One of the most interesting details about these episodes is that the original recordings of 97 episodes were destroyed by the BBC for political reasons or simply “lack of space” and were lost forever.

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So, while the series, which has so far featured 13 different doctors, is vast in terms of content, video games have so far failed to capitalise on this resource.

Doctor Who: An Unlikely Heist created by Tilting Point, a company known for TerraGenesis and Leo’s Fortune. It follows the adventures of the 13th Doctor, the first female doctor in the show’s history, played by actor Jodie Whittaker, and promises a game full of mystery.

Tilting Point has stated that they will constantly update the game, which is offered free of charge to players with Apple Arcade membership, with new puzzles, missions and content. Let’s note here that the game, whose script belongs to Whaleapp LTD and uses the official licence of the BBC, can be played online or offline.

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