The Sandbox & Gamer Arena announced their partnership

The Sandbox, a leading decentralized metaverse platform, and Turkey’s leading gaming platform, Gamer Arena, announce their collaboration to fuse competitive spirit of gaming with creative aspects of metaverse.

Turkey’s leading gaming platform, Gamer Arena announced its partnership with The Sandbox, a leading blockchain-based metaverse gaming platform. This collaboration aims to create a unique, interactive gaming experience where gamers bring their skills within The Sandbox. The “Challenge & Earn” model of Gamer Arena and the “Play, Create, Earn” model of The Sandbox is integrated within this partnership. Creators are given the opportunity to experience metaverse gameplay like never before.

The partnership demonstrates both companies’ commitment to transform gaming experiences & explore new avenues for growth for the gaming industry. The collaboration with The Sandbox allows Gamer Arena to leverage the power of blockchain technology and the rapidly growing popularity of the metaverse, providing innovative and immersive experience to its users.

As part of the collaboration, The Sandbox and Gamer Arena will organise various virtual events to encourage user participation and reinforce community belonging. By participating in events, players will be able to showcase their skills, compete with rivals, and earn rewards in the local currency of both platforms, GAU and SAND.

Gamer Arena’s CEO, Kerim Yılmaz, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “We’re thrilled to be partnering with The Sandbox, as it represents a new frontier in gaming and offers us the opportunity to create cutting-edge experiences for our users. The integration of blockchain technology and the opportunity to earn tokens while participating in events will revolutionize the way gamers interact with our platform, and we can’t wait to see what our combined efforts will produce.”

This collaboration will launch with an event on May 02, 2023, which will last for a duration of 14 days. Multiple tournaments featuring a variety of competitive games, sponsored by The Sandbox, will be held at the Gamer Arena. Participants will have the opportunity to explore and create a whole new world in The Sandbox upon experiencing the excitement of competing with their opponents at a high level. While this ground-breaking collaboration provides a solid example of how gamers can be active in the metaverse, this emerging new frontier is the beginning of many other collaborations between the two companies to shape the future of digital transformation.

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