Tilting Point invests $40m in Gunship Battle: Total Warfare

Tilting Point
Tilting Point invests $40m in Gunship Battle: Total Warfare.

Tilting Point has announced it will invest $40 million in military strategy title Gunship Battle: Total Warfare.

This is Tilting Point’s largest UA investment to date. The company previously funded studios such as Disruptor Beam, Mino Games, and CookApps in amounts ranging between $20 million and $30 million.

Joycity, which will receive the new investment, is a public Korean company with 700 employees and a market cap of $300M. The firm will use this $40 million funding to grow its audience in the US.

According to Sensor Tower data, Gunship Battle: Total Warfare has earned 100 million downloads and an estimated $35.7 million in revenue since its release in 2018. It was also noted that monthly player spending increased steadily in 2020.

“Joycity has done an incredible job with Gunship Battle: Total Warfare over the last two years, and we’re very excited to build on that success by bringing the game to an even larger audience,” said Tilting Point senior vice-president of business Asi Burak.

Joycity CEO SeongWon Cho added: “Tilting Point has a stellar reputation for identifying games with extreme potential, so it meant a great deal to us for Tilting Point to see that Gunship Battle: Total Warfare has the makings of a top-tier strategy game; this partnership is born out of making that goal a reality.”

We’re confident in Tilting Point’s mobile game marketing expertise, and believe that this partnership will help propel Gunship Battle: Total Warfare on the app store charts in North America and beyond, and we’re very interested in the prospect of evolving our partnership to span across other titles in our portfolio in the future.”

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