Tom Clancy’s The Division is becoming a mobile game

The Division experience is coming to mobile devices with the new title called The Division Resurgence.
The Division Resurgence announced

Ubisoft has announced the new game of the famous The Division franchise. A new game called The Division Resurgence is coming to mobile platforms!

Gaming giant Ubisoft has decided to bring The Division series to mobile. The series’ first two games reached worldwide fame and were loved and played by millions of players. The Division, which has appealed to PC and console players so far, now includes mobile players in its client list.

In a statement, the company says that the new mobile game The Division Resurgence will provide the same experience as the other games in the series. This new free-to-play game will have all of the core The Division mechanics. Ubisoft will adapt all the other features that players love for mobile devices.

The Division Resurgence official trailer

The Division Resurgence is designed so that players can play comfortably anywhere. Ubisoft claims this new game can be enjoyed “even on the go.” Despite some criticism from fans of the series, the company seems confident in Resurgence.

Why mobile?

In the statement, the company says it wants people to be able to play games wherever they want. The full explanation of the subject is as follows:

“Our objective in bringing the Division universe to mobile, is to enable more people worldwide to enjoy this open-world experience whenever and wherever they want. We feel very lucky that the mobile market has evolved to the point where we can develop such an ambitious game.”

On the other hand, the growth in the mobile game industry has an impact on this choice. The number of mobile players and the industry’s revenues has been increasing. It looks like Ubisoft wants to get its share of this increase by bringing one of its most famous franchises to mobile. The Diablo series followed a similar path and released the last game on mobile. Despite the heavy criticism of the game, it reached a very high income in a short time.

Whatever the main reason for Ubisoft’s preference for mobile, it is quite normal to want to take advantage of the opportunities of the mobile market. Many other PC and console game companies have also started producing mobile titles. On the other hand, with the improvement of cloud gaming systems, it gradually becomes unimportant from which device the game will be played.

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