Top 10 mobile games by revenue and downloads in May 2024

We analyzed top 10 mobile games by revenue and downloads in May 2024 using the AppMagic analytics platform
Top 10 mobile games by revenue and downloads in May 2024

In the May 2024 report, AppMagic highlighted the top 10 mobile games, providing insights into the leading titles that have not only garnered substantial user engagement but also generated significant revenue. The list encompasses a range of well-established games alongside newly emerged entrants that have been making impressive strides in the market. These rankings offer valuable insights into the shifting preferences of users and the dynamic landscape of the gaming industry as a whole.

AppMagic’s revenue data accounts for the deduction of store commissions and taxes.

Top 10 mobile games by revenue

  • Honor of Kings has shown consistently impressive results. The game earned $152 million in May 2024. 98% of revenue came from the iOS version in China.
  • Monopoly GO! lost ground a bit. The Scopely hit finished in fourth place in May with $93.2 million. Remembering that we do not see all the money, as the game has a webshop.
  • Tencent launched Dungeon Fighter Online Mobile in China, and the game jumped to #9 on the chart with $63.7 million in revenue in less than 2 weeks of operation (the game launched on May 21). Since we’re talking about China, we’re only talking about iOS revenue.

Top 10 mobile games by downloads

  • Pizza Ready! is first in downloads, with 21.9 million downloads.
  • Squad Busters fell just short of the top 10. The game ranked 11th with 10.9 million installs in 3 days.

May 2024’s mobile game market highlights reveal that Honor of Kings led in revenue with $152 million, predominantly from iOS in China, while Monopoly GO! and Dungeon Fighter Online Mobile also performed well. In terms of downloads, Pizza Ready! and Squad Busters showing impressive numbers in a short span. These results showcase the dynamic nature of the mobile gaming industry, driven by a mix of established titles and new releases.

For more detailed insights, visit AppMagic’s Top Charts.

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