Top 10 most downloaded mobile games in January 2023

Hyper-casual games might do better than expected in 2023.

The new year came with many predictions and forecasts compared to its predecessor. It is expected to see a decline in hyper-casual games while hybrid-casual and mid-core games rise. According to the reliable mobile market intelligence tool AppMagic’s data, hyper-casual games are still clinging to the top 10, but the competition is much more fierce than before.

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After the FIFA World Cup, football games fell a bit short, except for FIFA Soccer. In December 2022, FIFA Soccer was the most downloaded mobile game of the month. With the absence of other football games, four new games claimed a spot in the Top 10. Attack Hole, Egg Party, Makeover & Makeup ASMR and Gardenscapes found themselves higher in the rankings.

Candy Crush Saga claimed the top spot in January as the game remains a classic mobile game that continues to attract a large audience. Its addictive match-three gameplay has made it a go-to game for people looking to kill some time.

Subway Surfers was a top contender in 2022, usually in the Top 3. While still a very successful game, Subway Surfers found itself out of its usual ranking. The game’s endless runner gameplay and colorful graphics have made it a favorite among mobile gamers.

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