What is hybrid-casual genre?

A new challenger approaches as the mighty hyper-casual genre leaves its throne vulnerable.

The popularity of hybrid-casual games has been on the rise in recent years, thanks to the proliferation of mobile gaming and the increasing accessibility of gaming to a broader audience. As a result, many game developers have turned to creating hybrid-casual games to tap into this growing market.

Hybrid-casual games are a combination of different game genres, typically blending elements of puzzle, strategy, and adventure games. It combines the simplicity of hyper-casual gameplay with mid-core’s progression and mechanics, thus creating a new genre for both audiences. The hybrid-casual game aims to be as accessible as hyper-casual, sustainable as casual, and earn as much money as the mid-core games.

Source: Adjust – Five profit-driving benefits of hybrid-casual games

Hybrid-casual games first started appearing in 2019, with games such as Archero, a role-playing action game (RPG), pioneering hybrid-game success after earning $8.5 million in revenue in its first month.

According to several marketing analyses, hybrid-casual game marketing strategy should be a multi-faceted approach that focuses on building a strong brand, fostering a sense of community, and implementing a solid user acquisition and retention plan. Additionally, it should include localization, community building, tracking, analyzing performance metrics, and ongoing optimization to ensure the game and the marketing strategy meet the players’ needs.

It is essential to track and analyze the game’s performance metrics to understand what is working and what is not. This can include data on player engagement, retention, revenue, and feedback from players. By analyzing this data, the marketing team can make informed decisions about improving the game and the overall marketing strategy.

In research conducted with hybrid-genre gamers aged 18-49 in Japan, Korea, Germany, and the U.S., Google and Kantar found that the rapid growth in the hybrid genre resulted from its popularity amongst casual and hardcore gamers.

Most gamers believe that hybrid-casual is the rising star of mobile gaming and is the strongest contender for hyper-casual’s throne. While they share some similarities, there are also several key differences between the two.

Hyper-casual games were once the go-to choice for mobile gamers looking for a quick, relaxed gaming experience. However, with the advent of more advanced mobile technology and the increasing popularity of mobile gaming, developers and publishers have started to release more complex, story-driven mobile games that offer a more immersive and satisfying gaming experience. These types of games are becoming increasingly popular among mobile gamers, which has led to a decline in the popularity of hyper-casual games.

Hyper-casual games are characterized by their simple, fast-paced gameplay and minimalistic graphics. These games are designed to be easy to pick up and play, to keep players engaged for short periods.

Hybrid-casual games are a mix of different game genres and elements. These games often have more complex gameplay and graphics than hyper-casual games, and they may include details such as RPG (role-playing game) mechanics and story-driven gameplay.

One key difference between the two types of games is the level of engagement they require from players. Hyper-casual games are typically designed for short, quick play sessions, while hybrid-casual games often require more time and attention from players.

It is a common belief that the hyper-casual mobile game genre is dying due to market saturation, the rise of more complex, story-driven mobile games, a shift in mobile gaming preferences, and the industry’s constant evolution. While the genre may not be as popular as it once was, it will continue to exist.

Hybrid-casual may take over the throne from hyper-casual games, but it should not be considered as a replacement.

The mobile game industry is constantly evolving, and new trends and technologies are continually emerging. Hyper-casual games, once the cutting-edge of mobile gaming, may now be seen as outdated or uninteresting to many gamers. As a result, the popularity of the hyper-casual genre is rising.

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