Top Mobile Game Trends for 2022

Nick Blake talked about top mobile game trends for 2022.
Liftoff + Vungle
We hosted Nick Blake from Liftoff at Mobidictum Business Meetup.

As you know, we held the Mobidictum Business Meetup back on January 27 in Istanbul. We discussed many things in our networking event, and we were thrilled to host many influential personalities from the mobile industry around the globe. Nick Blake, Vice President of Liftoff EMEA from London, was among those people.

In the first half of his speech, Nick Blake talked about mobile game trends for 2022

You can watch the full speech down here.

IPs will be the trend in mobile for 2022 and beyond

Beginning his talk, Mr. Blake acknowledges the importance of IPs for 2022 and the following years. The reasoning for this assumption is clear as day: The acquisitions. As you know, Take-Two acquired Zynga, and it echoed in the mobile industry, heralding many more acquisitions to come.

Shooters are blazing hot

Nick Blake notes that IPs transferring from other portals to the mobile will make the shooting genre a significant point of interest, which already is an established genre with solid returns in the market.

More experiments with the core loop

Nick underlines the trend of experimenting with core gameplay types is —after the evident success of those games that dared to experiment— around the corner for 2022. He breaks down the merits of such experiments as follows:

  • Mixing up interesting core gameplay types adds exciting variety to your game and a surprise element.
  • Significant synergies can be achieved with the event format as it allows for experimentation.
  • Minigames can be recycled across the portfolio.
  • Possible to include other game features: Energy systems, leaderboards, etc.

More innovation in Gacha is on the way

A story of success lies beneath the Gacha games since they had seen various mix-ups and experiments during and after their development process. Nick Blake interprets these experiments as foundations for many more since they help enhance user engagement.

Utilizing Blockchain technology

The mobile game industry’s fresh blockchain/NFT sensation is no longer new. These technologies have already founded their territories in mobile game ecosystem and expanded them. For how long is unknown, but this expansion will continue for a while.

You can find more in the panel videos we have prepared for you. Don’t forget to follow the Mobidictum Business YouTube channel!

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