Koreli şirket yapay zekâ destekli 3D varlıklar için platform kuruyor

Korea Deep Learning; oyun, film yapımı ve mimari gibi sektörlere fayda sağlayacak yeni yapay zekâ destekli 3D varlık (asset) pazarı olan Polyground’u başlattı.

Korea Deep Learning Inc., recognized for its expertise in AI text and image solutions, has introduced Polyground, an advanced online marketplace for photorealistic 3D assets globally. Driven by AI technology and designed to offer a streamlined, concept-driven user experience, Polyground aims to transform collaboration, discovery, access, and trade of 3D assets for creators and industry professionals. Additionally, the platform seeks to build a global community of 3D and metaverse creators.

As consumer expectations across various industries push for more lifelike 3D content and metaverse experiences, content creators such as 3D modelers, artists, and visual effects (VFX) studios require simplified means to discover and obtain high-quality 3D assets. Polyground addresses this need by providing a worldwide marketplace that facilitates collaboration and asset trading. The platform organizes assets into intuitive, concept-specific showrooms, enhancing searchability and integration into creative workflows. By doing so, Polyground aims to improve global accessibility to photorealistic 3D assets, catering to the metaverse, gaming, film-making, and architecture industries.

Officially launched in late November 2023, Polyground is accessible globally, enabling companies, studios, and individual creators to upload, sell, and acquire photorealistic assets effortlessly. The platform leverages Korea Deep Learning’s AI-powered 3D DX technology to continually enhance its content offerings, generating and adding 2,000 photorealistic 3D assets monthly. This approach ensures a consistent influx of novel and innovative content to complement member-traded assets on the platform.

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