Troy Baker-backed NFT firm admitted using voice lines from another service without permission

The company says they are ‘sorry’.
troy baker nft
Voiceverse NFT sends its official apologies to the public.

Voiceverse NFT, the company that famous game voice actor Troy Baker partnered with recently has admitted to using voice lines from other services without their permission.

The company was on the headlines after Baker announced its partnership. The announcement was, not welcomed, to say the least. Responses were highly negative.

Voiceverse NFT is an NFT company that sells the rights to voices of voice actors as NFTs. Owners can use those audios to their liking.

But, there’s a catch. The company was found using the voice of a cartoon character, which was created using, a popular non-commercial text-to-speech service. Unlike the company’s NFTs, the text-to-speech service is free.

The creator wrote on Twitter that they know how Voiceverse NFT was “actively attempting to appropriate my work for their own benefit.” Note that Voiceverse NFT had deleted their tweet which they claimed its tech was behind the voiced animation of a cat, published by Chubbiverse. creator said that the voice Voiceverse NFT used was theirs, just slightly altered to sound different.

“Unbelievable. They even pitched up the voice to intentionally make it sound unrecognisable from Rainbow Dash’s original voice.”

Creator of, referring to a My Little Pony voice on their service.

After that, the company was forced to admit to its actions:

“Hey @fifteenai we are extremely sorry about this. The voice was indeed taken from your platform, which our marketing team used without giving proper credit. Chubbiverse team has no knowledge of this. We will make sure this never happens again.”

Voiceverse NFT.

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