Turnkey solution for Turkish mobile app developers to boost ad revenue

Launching — and especially monetizing — a mobile app is like a high-wire act, 50 feet above the ground, juggling chainsaws, torches, and cute kittens. Okay, maybe not that dramatic—but we feel your pain. 

That’s why Yandex has launched a turnkey solution for Turkish businesses that enables app developers to boost ad revenue without investing resources into a mediation system. 

Easy Monetization utilizes an advanced hybrid model combining the best of Smart Waterfall and in-app bidding strategies. The result? App owners get maximum returns from every ad displayed. 

With Easy Monetization, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of joining individual ad networks. Yandex’s expert monetization team handles account setups, terms and conditions commitments, dashboard adjustments, and bidding, all as part of a single plug-and-play solution. Plus, you can count on rock-solid customer support and personalized service from our expert team.

The platform boasts a partnership circle of over 14 global ad networks, ensuring tailored ad placements excellently targeted for demographics and geography. We’ve already boosted over 250+ apps, and their developers shared many success stories on our website. 

This unique model enables developers like you to skip the struggle of setting up and managing a mediation system and focus on what matters most—creating enriching app experiences for your users and leaving us the task of boosting ad revenue.

This service is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses with any app, from games to practical solutions like finance and health. If you already have a published app, just submit a request, and a dedicated monetization expert will reach out to guide you on how to deploy the best monetization strategy. You can get started with just one app, and after you see the amazing results, connect the rest!

Contact us here to learn more about maximizing your app’s earnings without extra time, money, and effort. 

Elmira Kenya
Yandex Ads, Head of Business Development

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