Twitter sells MoPub to AppLovin

One of the leading mobile technology companies, AppLovin has announced the acquisition of MoPub from Twitter.
applovin mopub twitter
AppLovin acquired MoPub.

Twitter announced that it has sold MoPub to AppLovin for approximately $1 billion, according to a statement on Twitter last Wednesday. The agreement, which is a very strategic investment for AppLovin, will increase AppLovin’s strength in the mobile market exponentially.

According to the statements made about the agreement, Twitter wants to double its revenue in 2023 and close the year with a revenue of 7.5 billion dollars, and this agreement seems to be in direct proportion to the company’s goals. Twitter also states that it will focus on its core business by accelerating the development of new products and features to achieve this goal.

AppLovin underlines that this agreement will have many advantages for both publishers and advertisers. In a statement to publishers, AppLovin CEO Adam Foroughi said, “We will be able to better maximize their revenue growth through more demand and increased competition for each ad impression. Higher earnings generate more capacity to invest in marketing, which leads to additional growth.” For advertisers, he said: “This combination provides advertisers with expanded reach to hundreds of millions of new customers at market-efficient pricing. More inventory leads to better return-on-ad-spend opportunities.”

AppLovin customers benefit from an integrated software platform that includes monetization and the fast-growing AppDiscovery software. In the first half of 2021, they delivered around 2 billion installs to the platform, largely due to customers who also use it to monetize it. These same customers continue to grow much faster than the market as they use the integrated platform to acquire users that meet and exceed their return on ad spend targets.

The AppLovin team is also excited to welcome members of the MoPub team to successfully execute their growth plans. The unified team will help support customers and have what it takes to switch to their platform when the time is right.

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