LinkedIn just introduced games and they are very competitive

LinkedIn aims to bring professionals together with games.

LinkedIn, the business and employment-focused social media platform, just launched three games – Pinpoint, Queens, and Crossclimb. LinkedIn users can play the games once per day on the mobile app or website and compete for the top spot in the leaderboard.

Pinpoint is a word association game where you try to guess the common category for a set of clues. Queens is a logic game that challenges players to fill each row, column, and colored region in the grid with a “queen,” but none can touch each other. Crossclimb uses trivia to create a word ladder to unlock two final clues.

Daniel Roth, editor-in-chief and VP at LinkedIn, said, “Our goal at LinkedIn is to continue to find ways to bring professionals together to stay informed and connected. That’s why starting today, we’re weaving thinking-oriented games directly into the LinkedIn experience. We want to give people a way to exercise their brains while taking a quick break, but also give people a reason to connect with others. We hope that these games spark banter, conversations, and even a healthy bit of competition among professionals around the world.”

LinkedIn’s strategy behind introducing competitive gaming is not just for fun and a friendly rivalry. Competitive gaming encourages users to actively participate on the platform by playing word puzzle games daily. This increased engagement can lead to more interactions with other users, as they may share their scores and strategies or congratulate each other on their achievements. By offering daily gameplay, LinkedIn can encourage users to return to the platform regularly.

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