Ubisoft appoints ex-Crytek Bernd Diemer as editorial VP

In addition to his extensive experience, Diemer has several awards under his belt.
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Ubisoft has announced that Bernd Diemer, a game industry veteran with over 20 years of experience, will take on the role of VP of Editorial – Social Experience, driving and enhancing social experiences within Ubisoft’s games. Diemer will be a new addition to Ubisoft’s Global Creative Office, the team responsible for overseeing and directing the creative vision of its games.

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Based out of the UK, Diemer has a wealth of experience and has won multiple awards for his work on hit games such as Crysis, Star Wars: Battlefront, Battlefield, and Horizon: Zero Dawn as both a Creative Director and Game Designer. Diemer has worked at Crytek for over six years in various roles.

The company stated that this appointment aims to increase Ubisoft’s focus on social experience as a core pillar of its vision for the future of video games as positive spaces where players can connect, interact, and create together. Diemer made comments about the move:

“I am honored to join Ubisoft and gain the opportunity to collaborate with talented global teams to shape the future of social experience in Ubisoft’s games. They’re known to be catalysts for dynamic and diverse communities, enabled by innovative features and powerful brands that allow players to come together. I am excited to partner with the group’s teams around the world to bring social experience in our games to new heights.”

Marie-Sophie de Waubert, Ubisoft’s Senior Vice President of Studio Operations, added:

“Today, games are more than entertainment: they are virtual spaces where people can build connections and share meaningful experiences. Social experience is an increasingly essential element of Ubisoft’s strategy to reach new audiences.

“We look forward to welcoming Bernd to the Global Creative Office, where he will work closely with our production teams to deliver on our vision of games as places where every player can be their authentic self and find their community.”

The new role will see Diemer working with Ubisoft’s game teams worldwide in an attempt to foster more inclusive, positive, and engaging play spaces by leveraging the innovations in technology and design spearheaded by Ubisoft’s game makers.

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